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District Voices

Leading up to the release of Mockingjay: Part 1, Lionsgate wanted to bring fans deeper into the fictional world of Panem. Five YouTube creators were selected to create a series of studio-quality videos called "District Voices" that imagined the creators as citizens in various districts. It's like AR, in reverse.

CapitolTV's DISTRICT VOICES - District 8's Resourceful Style

Threadbanger created a video that teaches viewers how to make fashions with Panem's limited resources.

Capitol TV's DISTRICT VOICES - Transporting Our Heroes with District 6 | iJustine

iJustine showcased the fictional world's transportation technology.

CapitolTV's DISTRICT VOICES - A District 9 Paean to Peeta's Bakery

Feast of Fiction showed how to make a bread recipe by a Peeta, a character from the Hunger Games.

CapitolTV's DISTRICT VOICES - District 5: Electric Sparks From Falling Water

Veritasium showed us how to make electricity from water.

CapitolTV's DISTRICT VOICES - Keeping the Peace with District 2

fightTIPS showcased how to defend yourself if under attack from a Panem officer.